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Time Off

Navigating to "Booking Time Off": Non-Exempt (Hourly) Employees

Non-exempt (hourly) employees will be able to book time off by clicking the "Add Time Off" button at the top of their timesheet, next to the "Submit" button, as shown below:

Navigating to "Booking Time Off": Exempt (Salaried) Employees

Exempt (Salaried) employees will be able to book time off by clicking the "Time Off" plus-sign button at the bottom of their timesheet, just above the "Total" row, as shown below:

Booking Time-Off

After navigating to the "Booking Time Off" window,

  1. Type: In this dropdown box, you can select the type of time off you are requesting: Sick, Vacation, Bereavement, or Holiday.
  2. Start and End Date: Select the start and end dates of your time off in these boxes.
  3. Duration: In this dropdown box, you can select: Full Day, ½ Day, or Partial Day Off. Selecting ½ Day or Partial Day Off allows you to enter when you will begin your time off on the first day of your time off period. If you select Partial Day Off, you can enter the specific number of hours you wish to request off.
  4. Comments: Use this box to type in the reason for your request.
  5. Time Off Balances: This gray box gives you information about your current time off balance, hours being requested in this window, and the hours that will remain if the request is approved.
  6. Approvers: This shows you who will be reviewing and approving or denying your time off request.
  7. After all information has been entered pertaining to your time off booking, you can hit Submit.  This will enter the time into your timesheet and send your request to your supervisor.       

Editing your Time Off Request

If you need to change your requested time off, just navigate to the time off shown on your timesheet.  Click on the "Pencil" Icon next to the specific time off entry to edit your request.  After clicking, a window will pop-up that has a button marked "Edit Time Off". Click it.

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Page last modified on June 03, 2015, at 11:03 PM PDT